The RoboTsarinas


Xuning Yang & Nadine Chang

Point of contact for RoboOrg related requests, internal or external

The RoboBankers (Finance)

Arjav Desai & Cormac O’Meadhra

Exercises fiscal responsibility on behalf of RoboOrg

The Satrap of Side Quests (Activities)

Aaron Roth

Identifies, organizes and announces RoboOrg activities

The Sheikh of Chic (Spiritwear)

Kevin Edelson

Designs, distributes and curates the RoboOrg spiritwear

The Monarch of Media (Media)

Cherie Ho

Manages the website and social media, along with documenting RoboOrg events

The Minister of Merriment (PSR)

Tess Hellebrekers

Organizes the Post Seminar Reception after the RI Seminar

The Nawab of Knowledge (Talks)

Leo Keselman

Organizes the meta-seminar and other related talks.

The Secretary of the Interior (RoboLounge)

John Macdonald

Keeps the RoboLounge running smoothly, snacks, coffee, tea and all.