The autocratic rulers of RoboOrg. RoboTsars are the main point of contact for RoboOrg-related requests, both internal and external. If the RoboTsars are unreachable requests can also be directed to Jean Harpley, Senior Administrative Assistant supporting RoboOrg.

A picture of Rebecca Martin
Rebeca Martin
A picture of Samantha Speer
Samantha Speer






Program Reps

Program reps hold town halls for their program and make sure every student’s RoboOrg-related needs are met.


A picture of Sarvesh Patil.
Sarvesh Patil (MSR)
Picture of Jashkumar Diyora
Jashkumar Diyora (MRSD)
A picture of Hardik Singh.
Hardik Singh (MRSD)
A picture of Akhil Padmanabha
Akhil Padmanabha (PhD 1st/2nd Year)
A picture of Brady Moon
Brady Moon (PhD 3rd+ Year)