Go-to food places near campus?

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  • The chipotle kids build your own tacos is my new favorite thing. Only ~$5, comes with chips and a drink, if you don’t order meat then guac is free!
  • Personally – I like going to Tepper, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they have Indian food bowls which are like $8.25 and quite a large portion of food. You can also check the menu here each day (https://apps.studentaffairs.cmu.edu/dining/conceptinfo/?page=conceptDetails&conceptId=135)
  • Near campus: Las Palmas (best tacos ever; sketchy hygiene), Spice island tea house (amazing Malay and Burmese food), piada (very filling), tamarind (good lunch buffet), Thai food truck on campus is good if it’s ever opened again (sketchy hygiene), union grill (salmon taco is epic and 4$ beers)
  • Another place if you fancy a bit (10 mins) of a walk up Craig: Crepes Parisiennes (nice sweet/savoury crepes, paninis, bit expensive). One trick I like to do is order ahead there. Their timings however suck (closed on Monday, close at 5 and only do sweet crepes one hour before closing)
  • On campus: exchange is the most underrated place imo, they have hot food, sandwiches, and custom salads
  • Note that Las Palmas has literally no vegetarian options
  • Mesa: quality New Mexican food, good vegetarian options, relatively small portions, oddly large breakfast burritos, great location in Schenley Plaza
  • In addition to what’s been said, I personally like the Greek food truck. The Thai food truck was also a great option before it shut down. Rose Tea Cafe is a good, quick alternative if Chipotle has a big queue. Fuel & Fuddle has a late night student discount (after 11pm iirc) which might be the best late night option around.
  • Talking about late night specials, Porch has half-off pizza after 9PM Monday through Thursday
  • The Southwest Sizzler at EatUnique is a favorite of mine. Razzy fresh is open till midnight for your late night froyo cravings. Roots and Hello Bistro in Oakland if you want something healthy (and are willing to go further). On campus I personally like the sandwiches at Exchange.
  • Skimming responses, I haven’t seen:Oishii Bento in Oakland (15 minute walk from CMU or short bus, Korean / Japanese).Ali Baba on Craig (Syrian, a la carte menu is great – try the kibbe nayee! (raw lamb), also veggie friendly)
  • Roots Kitchen – about 10 mins walk for really good salad options; Chikn for fried chicken



Go-to food places near campus?
Last Updated On July 12, 2019