Must-visit Pittsburgh Restaurants

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  • Ada: Bird on the Run
  • Pragna: Arguably Primanti bros bc everyone will ask u about it
  • Victoria: Mercurio’s for Neapolitan pizza and gelato, Five Points Bakery for bread and pastries, Millie’s for the post-noodlehead ice cream craving
  • Abhijat: Noodlehead
  • Senthil: Tako! Have the carnitas taco and spicy cucumber margarita there. Then you can die in peace.
  • Dhruv:Udipi, Burgatory (though I’ve heard Tessaro’s is better), Muddy Waters/Merchant Oyster Co. (for oysters, and the alligator sandwich at Muddy Waters), SmokeAlso hear great things about Morcilla and Soba but iirc they are much pricier
  • Anirudh:I second smoke. It’s one of the best places to eat in Lawrenceville which already has amazing places like Vandal, Piccolo Forno, Ki Ramen, Banh Mi and Ti.Been to Morcilla. Great tapas place but pricey. Great choice for dates tho 😉
  • Alex: Ineffable CaPhe, Tessaro’s, Chengdu Gourmet (it’s award winning), Cafe Moulin, Pasha (if you like turkish food)
  • Nick:Off campus:Everyday Noodle (Shady x Forbes in Squirrel Hill not super veggie friendly, but still absolutely delicious)

    Cafe 33 (Shady x Forbes in Squirrel Hill, Taiwanese (off-menu secret item: Duck Yolk Shrimp :100:))

    Apteka (Penn Ave in Bloomfield, vegan-only Eastern European, great cocktails, closed Mon/Tues)

    Choolah (near Center x Penn in East Liberty, take-out friendly Indian Food)

    D’s six pack and Dogz (S Braddock x Henrietta in Regent Square, hot dogs (with sometimes crazy toppings), pizza, wings, large draft list, and a beer cave where you can buy singles (super pricey for singles though))

    also, :+1: for Tessaro’s, it’s the best burger I’ve ever had in Pittsburgh…wood fire grill you can watch them make the food over.

  • Abhay
    Bae Bae’s Kitchen for Korean; Gaucho for Argentinian; Smallman Gallery for the ones who want to explore and try a combination of restaurants; Federal Gallery has some really good pizza
Must-visit Pittsburgh Restaurants
Last Updated On July 12, 2019