How to organize a PSR 2018-2019

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How To Organize A PSR 2018-2019

PSR RoboOrg Officer: Tess Hellebrekers

RoboOrg Bankers: Arjav Desai, Cormac O’Meadhra

Text in red is CMU policy, you must adhere to those, PLEASE READ THEM

When in doubt, always ask PSR Officer. 

Thank you for leading a PSR!


At the beginning of each semester, the PSR team:

  1.   Stephanie Matvey plans out the RI Seminar dates ahead of time, at the beginning of each semester.
  1. As soon as the RI Seminar dates are released (and you usually have to ping Stephanie to get the schedule), plan out all the PSR dates (usually 4 – 5 per semester), and pass it to Stephanie approximately 1 week after she releases the RI Seminar schedule. 


Social Host and Alcohol Guidelines

  1. Get a certified social host (preferably a week, by at least 72 hours in advance of the PSR)
    1. Some current trained people: Matt Mason,Nathan Michael, Jean Harpley, Suzanne Lyons-Muth (only during Orientation week and Open House events), David Wettergreen, Martial Hebert, Howie Choset, Sebastian Scherer, Debra Tobin, Jeff Schneider, Yaser Sheikh, Reid Simmons, Katia Sycara.
      1. Try and ask people who haven’t been asked recently. Note that some of these people may be traveling.
    2. Fill out this form: 
      1. Sample:
      2. Put down yourself as the person planning the event 
      3. Event location is the NSH 1507 + 1513 (make sure to put it is private and only one entrance will be open)
      4. Usually from 4:30pm – 6:30pm (2 hours)
      5. About 80 students and 10 faculty
      6. About 90 x 2 bottles of beer Note: CMU’s policy is 1 drink per person per hour, so do the math appropriately
    3. The form will be automatically sent to the listed parties to be signed.
  2. IMPORTANT: For all purchases, you will need either the banker’s P-card with you (not recommended), or have him/her join you for the purchase (recommended). For all orders, make sure that they know that the order will be tax-exempt (PA tax-exemption code is on the back of the P-card). 


Ordering Food (1 week in advance)

  1. Yes, you have to call restaurants. I recommend Yelp to check out prices. 
    1. Budget: $800 – 1100, highly recommend $1000 as your limit 
    2. Also, I (Nadine) tried out a finger food style PSR this semester (Fall 19), you can try that if you’d like. If you order finger food make sure you lay out SMALL PLATES otherwise people will stack up a big plate with everything imaginable.  
  2. Order 1 week beforehand, latest is Monday of week of PSR
    1. MUST order from a place that 
      1. Accepts credit cards
      2. Allows tax-exemption
      3. Delivers
    2. Order enough for ~100 people
    3. Order 50% vegetarian, meat should always include a white meat (chicken, fish)
    4. Deliver it on Friday at 3:30, 1 hr before PSR
    5. Instruct them to deliver it in front of NSH 3rd floor by curb (you have to give directions, across from tepper in the small driveway next to bus stop)
    6. Have volunteers help you carry things down with carts
    7. Two RoboOrg-owned yellow carts are available in NSH A006 for you to use. Please put them back.
    8. Make sure there’s serving utensils (ask restaurant)
      1. We have extras in the two locked cupboards in RoboLounge labeled “PSR Stuff”
    9. KEEP RECEIPT (must give to bankers)
    10. If they ask for a tax exemption form download here 
  3. Card Info (PLEASE DO NOT SHARE) ask PSR Officer or BANKERS 
  4. After ordering, please inform total price and restaurant name to #r_psr channel to inform PSR officer


Drinks (1 day in advance)


  • Buy drinks (Budget $350)


    1. Beer and cider the same number as you declared on the form from SaveMor ( is a good place for reasonably priced alcohol. Remember to get it TAX EXEMPT
      From Big Nate ( “There is a beer distributor (Pistella?) that has some deal with CMU and makes a weekly delivery round to campus. I talked with them once about this and it sounded like they would be able to drop off our order as well.
    2. Sodas and water
  1. Make sure you have enough wristbands (in the locked PSR cupboard in RoboLounge, additionally check A006) If we don’t have enough, post a request to get them from Amazon on #r_purchases on Slack. 
  2. CMU policy states that we cannot store alcohol on campus. If we have leftovers, you may not store them in RoboLounge or in NSH A006. Keep them off-campus and contact the PSR officer to deal with the leftovers.


Emails/Notifications (3 days in advance)

  1. Send out emails at least 3 days in advance to announce the PSR
    1. Send an email to announcing the PSR. Here is a template 


Hey everyone,


We will be having a PSR this Friday after {speaker}’s RI Seminar Talk! As a bonus, there will be SCS Dean search representatives at this PSR as well. Come join us after the seminar and socialize with our fellow roboticists.


  • What: RI Post Seminar Reception
  • When: Friday, {date},  4:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Where: RoboLounge NSH 1513, 1507
  • Food: {restaurant}
  • Drinks: Assorted beverages (Note: Do not mention “alcohol”, “beer”, “wine”, as CMU policy states that we CANNOT advertise alcohol in any CMU related communications. If we are not serving alcohol, you can state sodas, and do not need to state the Social Host since we will not need one if we’re not serving alcohol.)
  • Social Host: {Host name}


See you there!

{your name}, RoboOrg


    1. Optionally post to #psr on the RI slack.


    1. Send a message on slack to #roboorg asking for volunteers.
      1. Setup volunteers (2-3)
      2. Drink monitoring volunteers (1 for each 45 minute shift)
      3. Cleanup volunteers

Here’s an example form for getting volunteers:


Here’s an slack template:


Hey everyone,


We need some people to help out for tomorrow’s PSR (Friday, 4/7). We need people to help out with:

  • Setup 3:30 – 4:30
  • Drink monitoring 4:30 – 6:30 (45 minute shifts)
  • Cleanup 6:30 – 7:00


Form: {form_link}


If you volunteer to help set up, please meet up in NSH 1513 at 3:30 on Friday. Also, if you’re available, volunteer for multiple things, but we will only assign you to one task. This will help me move people around if there aren’t enough for one particular task. 


Setup (day of)

  1. Arrange for food to arrive at school at 3:30PM!
      1. When instructing others how to set up food, here’s the order you should place the food for expediency and so that non vegetarians don’t end up eating all the vegetarian food
  1. rice/carbs first
  2. Salads 
  3. Meats
  4. Vegetarian entrees/ anything that isn’t salad 
  5. Dessert (optional)
  1. Robolounge and next door room should be prepped ~30 min in advance. You can clear the rooms at 3:30
    1. Coolers should be filled for ice + beer and drinks (large scoopers are in the PSR cupboard in RoboLounge), ICE is on the 2nd fl of NSH
    2. Connecting doors should be opened
    3. 2 beers per person, no exceptions
    4. Everyone must be wristbanded + IDs checked. Only US licenses + passports. No photos of IDs. No exceptions.
    5. You cannot serve alcohol before the Social Host shows up, and once the Social Host leaves, you must stop serving alcohol
  2. After food is finished, clean up and throw away all trash. Any leftover beer or alcohol should be communicated to PSR office, as we can NOT store alcohol on campus.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Total budget is ~$1,500 (flexible but talk to us first)
  • Finding a social host is the hardest thing to do and you should ask early (this has to be in AT LEAST 72 hours in advance)
  • Remember there are a lot of vegetarians and people who don’t drink beer so try to buy food and drink accordingly
  • Buy everything with the credit card and it should be tax exempt!


How to organize a PSR 2018-2019