Speaker: Olga Russakovsky

Topic: Life Lessons of Grad School

When: Wednesday, May 10, 5:00 PM

Where: NSH 1305


Abstract: It’s very difficult to give advice on grad school; everyone’s situation is unique. My PhD spanned 8 years, and included switching advisors as well as taking a quarter off thanks to epic burnout. Yet somehow it all worked out in the end. I wrote down 10 tidbits of advice that I accumulated along the (long) way, and have been blabbing about them ever since.


Speaker-Bio: Olga was a student at Stanford for a good long while, then came to CMU to do a postdoc in RI. In a month, she’s heading to Princeton to start as an Asst. Prof. in CS – she’s thrilled but somewhat confused about that.


There will be snacks during the talk. See you there!

[Meta Seminar] May 10, 2017 – “Life Lessons of Grad School”