TL;DR: Got an event idea? Want to plan a fun trip with fellow RI students? Propose it to RoboOrg and get some funding! Fill the form below with minimum 2 weeks notice!

These guidelines outline the proper steps to take in order to organize an event with RoboOrg sponsorship. Sponsorship means that RoboOrg will pay partially or fully for your event, depending on the cost. For all events which seek RoboOrg sponsorship, they must be organized well in advance of the actual event date and be attended by 15 or more participants. We require a written notice of your intent to host an event and your plan for doing so a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the event date. Email all RoboCzar and RoboBankers.

Note: RoboOrg reserves the exclusive right to change these guidelines in the future as we see fit.

Step 1: Gauge Interest

Go ask some of your peers if they think your proposed event sounds like fun too. Take down their names and email addresses so we know they are real. You must open your event so all RI grads ( OR post on the RI Slack (on #general or #events) have a chance to sign up and participate. Our policy is to encourage any event that can be attended by a large diversity of students. So, any proposals with less than 15 participants is automatically rejected.

Step 2: Fill out the following form

Please include a brief description of event and information about what/when/where/how the event will be carried out. If the event is off-campus, a transportation plan must be included. RoboOrg is not responsible for transportation to any off-campus events, so try to find drivers/share ubers/use public transportation.
If your event is off campus, you must draft and print out waivers for each participant in your event to sign. Waiver templates can be found:
Estimate the cost of your event. You will likely need to place phone calls or send emails to find out answers to these questions. Do not solely rely on the price listed for an activity on a website. There may be group discounts, students discounts, etc. If the event you want to host requires transportation and people will need to hail rides to the event, expect to cover these sorts of expenses out of pocket. RoboOrg cannot fund or reimburse alcohol purchases for any events. Do not book anything (venue or otherwise) on your own, we will not reimburse for any purchases made without tax exemption.

Step 3. Please wait anxiously while RoboOrg reviews your proposal.

You will be contacted by an officer from RoboOrg with the following responses (within 5 days).

If RoboOrg IS NOT sponsoring your event, you have two options:

  1. The event can go forward as planned, but without any funding or RoboOrg involvement. This is the last stop in this pipeline that applies to your event.
  2. You can try to resubmit your proposal with significant changes, but keep in mind, we won’t review applications for sponsorship of an event that is less than 2 weeks in the future.

If RoboOrg IS sponsoring your event, then first, give yourself a round of applause for a job well done! Follow the next steps.

Step 4. Enact Game Plan

You must then work alongside a RoboBanker to book the appropriate venues, order food, purchase tickets, etc. Whatever your event requires, make sure it is lined up and ready to go before the next step. (All transactions involving RoboOrg and therefore CMU must be tax-free. Please confirm this with the vendor (at least twice to be sure) before working with a RoboBanker to make any payments)

Step 5: Publicize Event

Next, you must send an email to to allow signups and that the event will be sponsored by RoboOrg. Make sure to copy {} to this message so RoboOrg can be in the loop from here on out. Things you must mention in your email:

  1. “This event is sponsored by RoboOrg.”
  2. If needed, link a sign-up sheet in your email announcement where students can register to participate in your event.
  3. Tell everyone if your event has a limited number of spots. Other people can tag along, but tell them they have to pay out of pocket.
  4. You can collect cash or Venmo but you have to pay back RoboOrg in cash.

If RoboOrg finds out that you are discriminating in any way during the sign-up phase, your event sponsorship will be revoked.

Step 6: Safety First

If your event is off campus and involves some level of danger, you will need to draft and print out waivers for each participant in your event. A template can be found here ( The waivers must be signed an dated before each participant takes part in your event. Participants who have not signed a waiver, are not allowed to participate in the event and must be turned away at the door if need be.

Step 7: Have Fun

You know what to do.


v1.0.2 – Last updated: 11/06/2018