tl;dr: Join RoboOrg! Nominate yourself for a RoboOrg position here by Friday, 10/20.

What’s this about?

RoboOrg relies on a core of dedicated officers to enrich and run events for RI graduate students. We are now opening nominations for core positions! You will join a group of current RoboOrg officers and get a chance to meet and be involved with the larger RI student body and the department.

Nominations: LINK

More details about positions: LINK

If you want to join RoboOrg or have fun with RI peeps in general, nominate yourself until the form closes on Friday, 10/20. We will then begin election polls. If you wish to maximize your chances, send a fun campaign meme (either now or in a week’s time) to be included in the poll form for bonus points!

Why run?

Being a part of RoboOrg is the best way to help improve the unique student community we have here at the RI. As a RoboOrg officer, you will work closely with department faculty, staff, and your peers, as well as have a direct hand in funding initiatives.

What is RoboOrg?

‘RoboOrg’ is the robotics graduate student organization. We serve the student body by running social events and communicating with the department. Examples of events/activities we run are:

  • Post-seminar receptions (PSRs) and welcome parties

  • Meta-seminars

  • Orientation (IC) robot challenge

  • RI Swag! (T-shirts, Sweaters, etc.)

  • Coooookies

  • Off-site trips, e.g. Wigle Whiskey, bowling, paintballing, rock climbing

  • Miscellaneous events, e.g. ping-pong tournaments, paint night

  • Department sports groups, e.g. soccer, frisbee

More questions?

Contact some of the current officers if you have any questions about the positions!

RoboCzars: Achal (, Nick (, Xuning (

Bankers: Dhruv (, Anirudh (

Webmaster: Zhi (

Feel free to contact us directly for any other questions!

RoboOrg Election 2017/2018 Nomination