Every year, RoboOrg organizes the croquet competition during the RI Picnic to celebrate the start of the school year. More information about this years croquet competition could be found at roboorg.ri.cmu.edu/croquet

Past Champions

2016 Dhruv Mauria Saxena (tournament results)
2015 Ben Holden (tournament results)
2014 Eric Westman (tournament results)
2013 Greg Barlow (tournament results)
2012 Robbie Paolini (tournament results)
2011 Alvaro Collet (tournament results)
2010 Don Burnette (tournament results)
2009 Don Burnette (tournament results)
2008 Alvaro Collet (tournament results)
2007 Ross Knepper (tournament results)
2006 Greg Barlow (tournament results)
2005 Greg Barlow
2004 Jeremy Searock
2003 Ivan Kirigin
2002 ?